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The Pisell BBC platform application allows a smooth flow between the platform provider and the franchisee, which can help both parties to achieve a mutually beneficial effect!
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An Innovative Business Model
Pisell's BBC platform is more than a simple online marketplace, it represents a new business model. By connecting platform owners, franchisees and customers, we have created a synergistic ecosystem. This model not only accelerates business activity, but also opens up opportunities for sustained growth for participants at different levels.
Aggregate Traffic for Merchants
Our BBC platform enables platform owners to aggregate more traffic and maximise your business revenue. By offering the opportunity to join the platform, you can get revenue from your affiliates in the form of a joining fee. You can also generate revenue through additional channels such as selling ad space and promotional services. These diversified revenue channels help you achieve more stable financial growth.
Low-Cost Franchisee Onboarding
In the past, joining a platform may take a lot of time and money. However, Pisell BBC platform provides a one-stop solution, you only need to fill in the franchisee's email address, you can successfully invite the franchisee partner to join the platform, so that the franchisee can rapidly on-board.
Enhanced User Experience
Customers can enjoy services from multiple stores on a single platform, not only discovering a wide range of products but also benefiting from a more convenient and personalised shopping experience. The Pisell BBC platform supports various payment methods and fast logistics delivery, enabling customers to shop conveniently.
For Platform Providers
Streamlined Management
No more hassle with intricate coordination and management. With the Pisell BBC platform, you can easily invite franchisees with a single click. Moreover, the intuitive dashboard allows you to have a clear and real-time overview of each franchise store's performance and daily revenue.
High Autonomy
You can customize the list of franchise stores and have the authority to manage all your franchise stores independently. This high level of autonomy enables you to make timely adjustments based on the operational status of different franchise stores, including adding or removing them from the platform.
Enhanced Brand Value
With a carefully designed platform, your brand's value will be elevated. It not only attracts more franchisees but also draws in a larger customer base.
For Franchisees
Convenient Onboarding
Franchisees no longer need to build their own stores from scratch, saving a significant amount of time and effort. By providing basic registration information, they can complete the onboarding process in a few simple steps and start selling rapidly.
Access to Shared Traffic
As part of a comprehensive platform, franchisees can tap into the entire platform's traffic, attracting more potential customers and increasing sales opportunities.
Seamless Interaction
The platform facilitates convenient interaction between franchisees and customers. Customers can easily browse and purchase various products, while franchisees can engage in real-time interaction, address inquiries, and provide support.
Why Choose Pisell
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Convenient Franchisee Registration
The platform process is simple for the franchisee. The Franchisee only needs to invite the platform business or add a self-built platform application and fill out basic registration information to complete the process.
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A computer can open a store
Franchisees only need to use a computer to update stock on and off the shelves and edit product information.
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Platform unified management
Platform merchants can customise the list of franchised stores on the homepage, while customers can click on the platform store website and jump to the homepage of the franchised merchant they are interested in to shop.
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Clear data, easy to view
The platform business can also view the data of the franchised stores to understand the business situation of each store, so as to target the operation of the franchised stores, such as uploading and downloading.
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Mutual benefit and win-win
More franchisees will attract more traffic, providing a mutual benefit for franchisees and customers. Customers can easily browse and purchase products, while franchisees can engage in real-time interaction and provide support.
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Streamline the complexity of franchise platforms
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Effortlessly manage franchise store backends
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Linking of products and orders, etc
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Ensuring that the interests of both parties are maximized
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