Hardware Services

Providing Stable and Efficient Hardware Support for Your Business
In addition to custom software development, we offer high-quality hardware solutions to meet all your business needs. Whether it's enhancing customer experience or optimizing internal management, our hardware devices will give you the edge you need!
Computers & Accessories
Whether it's iPads, iPad stands, card readers, routers, or power adapters, we provide reliable, high-quality products with stable performance to meet the various needs of your daily business operations.
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POS & Accessories
We offer a full range of POS equipment and accessories for your store, including card readers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and mounts, and dual-screen POS stands. Our products are highly compatible, easy to install and use, and can help you quickly set up an efficient POS system.
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Self-Service Vending Machines
You can choose between wall-mounted or desktop self-service vending systems, both powerful and versatile, suitable for various business environments. They simplify the sales process, improve customer satisfaction, and help you save on labor costs.
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Printers & Accessories
We offer a variety of printers, including receipt printers, label printers, and wristband printers, to meet the printing needs of different industries. Additionally, we sell high-quality thermal paper and labels to ensure clear and durable printing results.
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Kitchen Display Screens
A high-quality kitchen display screen can operate reliably even in busy and high-temperature kitchen environments. It helps kitchen staff view order details in real-time, reducing communication errors, significantly improving order processing efficiency, and ensuring every dish is delivered to customers quickly and accurately.
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How to Order?
To make things easier for our customers, Pisell offers a range of hardware options available for direct purchase. This simplifies your procurement process and saves you time from purchasing each device separately.
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While we also provide external purchase links for reference, please note that Pisell assumes no responsibility for transactions with external suppliers. We recommend conducting due diligence when making external purchases to ensure compatibility and satisfaction with the selected equipment.
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